Dangerous Goods Transport

The transportation of dangerous goods should never be taken lightly. You should have all your bases covered and leave nothing up to chance. This includes trained staff, specialised equipment, and having the correct safety systems in place. McNaughts offers solutions for dangerous goods transport, including hazardous materials such as chemicals and gases.

Who Needs Transport of Dangerous Goods Solutions?

Dangerous goods transport refers to the transportation of potentially harmful or dangerous goods by way of road or rail. Dangerous goods are defined as substances that pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. These goods may contain flammable, explosive, infectious, corrosive, or otherwise toxic elements. Dangerous goods that pose a risk even when they are not being transported are referred to as hazardous materials.

Because the seller of the goods is held responsible for their lawful transport, it is important to work with registered transport professionals.  This is where we come in. We have expertise in transporting dangerous goods hassle-free. We have all the necessary equipment and follow all legal requirements to deliver your freight safely and on time.

McNaught’s Dangerous Goods Transport Services

McNaughts’ dangerous goods transport service is made possible by our commitment to excellence, our team of knowledgeable and trained staff, our diverse fleet of trucks that are suitable for any job, our payload capabilities, and more. Our drivers are more than capable of transporting whatever substances you may need including bulk chemicals, fuels, fertilisers, gases, etc.

We also offer a wide range of other services that you may be interested in. We offer general, freight, silage, and hay transport with delivery throughout Eastern Australia in hubs such as Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, and other regional destinations. Aside from transport, we are also a storage, grain, and fertiliser business supplier, specialising in bulk grain storage and fertiliser blending and spreading

McNaughts Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Goods

McNaughts is based in Dubbo, New South Wales with a large fleet of Tautliners, singles, b-doubles and road trains with payload capabilities from 25MT to 90MT. Being based in Central New South Wales provides us with the advantage of seamless deliveries throughout NSW and into Victoria. We are able to offer easy, cost-effective transport of dangerous goods. We regularly deliver to mining sites and have a reputation for efficiency and flexibility as it relates to providing an exceptional service that satisfies our customers.

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If your business needs hassle-free transportation of dangerous goods (including hazardous materials) in NSW or Victoria, we can help. As a proudly Australian-owned multinational company, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, safe, and efficient dangerous goods transport. For any of your transportation needs across Eastern Australia, contact us to see how we can assist you. Also, be sure to look at the other services that we provide to see how we can be of further benefit to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much dangerous goods can I transport?

Bulk refers to an undivided quantity of dangerous goods that either exceed 500kg or are in a container that has a capacity greater than 500L. However, the actual amount that you can transport depends on the type of dangerous goods and how much can be transported safely. This is handled on a case-by-case basis and would require an enquiry from the customer to determine.