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We pride ourselves on working closely with our growers and providing them with all of the necessary tools and resources to ensure dealing with McNaughts is a smooth and enjoyable process.

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Harvest 2022/2023

Grower Information: This document includes contact information for Sporty Smith , our Site Manager in Berrigan, Peter O’Sullivan who will be managing all deliveries into Warmatta, Katie and Maddie for all contract related information. This document also includes site times, site rules and commodity segregations that will be taken at Berrigan.  We strongly encourage that read through this information.

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Buyers 2022/2023: Active buyers at McNaughts and their contact information for the upcoming harvest can be found via the below document.

Download BUYERS AT MCNAUGHTS 2022/2023

Genetically Modified (GM) Canola Declaration: This form is to be completed by the grower for each individual load that is delivered into McNaughts Grain. It is highly important that we receive this declaration to ensure your truck can be unloaded into the correct segregation. Please print this form and provide it when arriving on site with GM Canola.

GM Canola Declaration

AgriDigital: Please use this link as a quick guide on how to use our software platform AgriDigital. AgriDigital will allow you to check daily pricing, make transfers and check your inventory delivered into McNaughts. The guide explains in more detail how to view and make these changes.

AgriDigital for Growers – Pre Harvest Handout

Clear Grain: Clear Grain is now available across all McNaughts sites. Clear Grain is an independent and secure grain exchange providing growers access to a wide range of buyers in order to maximise the marketing of your grain.

Clear Grain Information