Harvest Information 2023/2024

McNaughts operate a 120,000mt storage site where we work closely with our growers to achieve the best result

McNaughts harvest information 2023/2024

Site Operation Times: McNaughts will be operating from 7.00am – 7.00pm. Any  amendments to this (for example due to weather), will be communicated via our SMS service.

Points of Contact for McNaughts Harvest 2023/2024

Berrigan Grain Site Manager: Sporty on 0457 570 047 or wayne.smith@mcnaughts.com 

Selling Enquiries & Pricing: Alex Campbell on 0450 201 103        alex.campbell@mcnaughts.com

Grower Services & Logistics: Maddie Mannes on 0437 524 411 or maddie.mannes@mcnaughts.com

Growers Services & AgriDigital: Katie Withers on 0447 012 102 or     katie.withers@mcnaughts.com 

Operations & Freight: Darryn ‘Scoota’ McDonald: 0448 181 112        darryn.mcdonald@mcnaughts.com 

Warmatta Site: Peter O’Sullivan: 0419 594 688        peter.osullivan@mcnaughts.com 

McNaughts Warmatta: McNaughts will again be opening our Warmatta Shed Site for GM Canola receivals this year. Peter O’Sullivan will be running this, so please get in touch with him when required, especially as deliveries start to commence.


Growers can perform all required tasks on their warehoused deliveries, as well as view all pricing via our software platform AgriDigital. For growers requiring any guidance to complete these tasks, AgriDigital are continually updating the resources in their knowledge base with the inclusion of videos to demonstrate how to use the platform, including;

  • Setting up a grower account
  • Reset password
  • View your warehouse inventory and deliveries
  • How to create a custom view
  • Transferring Warehouse tickets (Contract)

Transferring Warehouse tickets (Cash Price)Please see link for the AgriDigital knowledgebase – https://knowledgebase.agridigital.io/hc/en-us

Login via the following link https://app.agridigital.io/login

Canola Declaration

This harvest, each individual load of canola delivered to McNaughts will be required to have a Canola Delivery Declaration completed. This form is to be completed by the supplier/grower and presented when each individual load of canola is delivered to McNaughts Berrigan or McNaughts Warmatta. 

download canola declaration

Warehouse Agreement

This document outlines all information, charges and fee relating to warehousing grain at McNaughts this season. 

download storage & handling agreement


Sustainable Canola

McNaughts would like to remind everyone that ISCC Sustainability Declarations are a seasonal declaration so need to be re-done each year if you choose. It is extremely helpful to us on site and will streamline delivery of sustainable canola at harvest if this is done before your canola deliveries begin. These are done via your NGR login: https://www.ngr.com.au/