Agricultural Lime

Agricultural lime, also referred to as aglime or garden lime, is a soil conditioner composed of pulverised limestone or chalk. Due to its many beneficial effects on soil, aglime is commonly used to enhance agricultural productivity. There are several forms of aglime, which can be broadly classified by their neutralising value (ability to neutralise soil acidity), grain size (fine or coarse), and calcium and/or magnesium content.
McNaughts sources premium agricultural lime from multiple suppliers and wholesalers, and delivers throughout Southern Riverina and country Victoria year-round. Continue reading to learn more about aglime and which subtype is right for your soil.

What Are Agricultural Lime Products?

Agricultural lime products are pulverised limestone soil additives used in agricultural applications. There are several types of agricultural lime, though all have a primary active component of calcium carbonate. The benefits of biofertilizers include:

  • Balancing the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil
  • Providing a source of calcium and magnesium for plants
  • Improving water penetration and structure of soil, leading to enhanced microbial action
  • Increasing the availability and uptake of essential nutrients by crops
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of fertilisers and some herbicides

McNaughts’ Types of Agricultural Lime

McNaughts offers various types of aglime to suit the needs of your soil. Our lime products typically have a neutralising value of 95 or over, indicating a high capacity to neutralise soil acidity. Some aglime products contain higher concentrations of calcium and/or magnesium than others, and some are pulverised into finer grains than others. As a general rule, agricultural lime with higher concentrations of calcium and/or magnesium and finer grains will react with the soil and yield results more efficiently. 

McNaughts’ Solutions With Agricultural Lime

For those looking to improve their soil and agricultural productivity, McNaughts sources the highest quality aglime products and delivers bulk quantities (50 to 5000m3) across Southern Riverina and country Victoria. We offer personalised advice and guidance to help you select the aglime product best suited to your farming needs, along with complementary services such as fertiliser spreading and blending

Other Agricultural Products For You

Farming involves many complex, interconnected, and dynamic processes. Enhance the quality and fruitfulness of your soil by considering granular fertilisers and biofertilizers, or browse our entire range of agricultural products to discover the most beneficial products for your crop production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agricultural lime kills parasites and their eggs upon contact, and prevents future infestations by creating an inhospitable breeding environment.

Agricultural lime is considered safe and non-toxic for humans and other mammals, but can irritate the respiratory system and skin when handled without appropriate safety precautions. 

Surface application is the recommended method for aglime application. It should be distributed evenly over the treatment area for the best results. Over time, the sediment will work its way into deeper layers of the soil, enhancing nutrient availability and soil structure, and balancing pH.