Agricultural Products

Fertiliser, Gypsum for Soil & Lime Products for Farming

We can competitively source and deliver fertiliser, gypsum for soil, lime, biofertiliser, and manure and compost from multiple suppliers and wholesalers. Bulk quantities can be supplied and delivered into the Southern Riverina and country Victoria. From 50 to 5000M³, we can deliver top-quality agricultural products for your farming needs all year round. Enquire now to determine which of these products are best for your needs.

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilisers extremely popular and easy to apply. We offer a number of different varieties including DAP, MAP, MOP, SOA, Urea and Superfect.

Gypsum for Soil

Gypsum is used as a soil improver, working to improve the drainage and the structure of heavy, clay soils. We also offer eco gypsum which is made from recycled plaster board and sourced from the local areas.


Our lime is a premium natural product which can be used for various projects including but not limited to agricultural cropping and within the industrial sector. We offer fine and coarse lime products.


Our high quality biofertilizer product is a substance which when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the plant.

Compost – Cow

Cow manure is basically made up of digested grass and grain. It is high in organic materials and rich in nutrients. Mainly used on lawns, fruit trees, cereal, maize and cotton crops.

Manure – Chicken

Four grades of manure can be purchased:
G1: Auto Nest (10 – 12 month old)
G2: Avenue Breeder (7 – 9 month old)
G3: Breeder Manure (6 month old)
G4: Broiler Manure (6 – 9 week old)


Hay is grass, legumes, or other herbaceous plants that have been cut and dried to be stored for use as animal fodder, particularly for large grazing animals raised as livestock.

Almond Hulls

Almond hulls are a bi-product of almonds sourced from local farms and processed onsite. High quality product of hulls are sold for feed within the livestock industry. It can be used as a cheaper supplement of Hay. Protein 11.5%, ME 8.2%

Cotton Trash

Cotton trash is made up of leaves, sticks, soil, lint cotton and cotton seed fragments which have been separated from the cotton during processing. Cotton Trash is perfect for feeding your livestock, mulch or for calf bedding.

Rice Hulls

Rice hulls (or rice husks) are the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. In addition to protecting rice during the growing season, rice hulls can be put to use as building material, fertilizer, insulation material but is perfect for bedding and is highly recommended by the RSPCA.

Wood Shavings

Sawdust (or wood shavings) is a by-product or waste product of woodworking operations such as sawing, milling, planing, and routing. Perfect for livestock bedding.


Cypress Chip is used in landscaping as a light yellow decorative and long lasting garden mulch.  Its benefits include water retention, weed control and termite resistant qualities. Redgum chips (Murray redgum) is ideal for landscaping and has a beautiful red colour and is great for the country look. Its benefits include water retention, weed control.