Bulk Freight Transport

Bulk haulage is the transportation of bulk cargo from one location to another.  Products can include grain, fertiliser, cotton seeds and gypsum products. McNaughts offer a diverse fleet of trucks, meaning you can get your goods to any destination, not only on time but with the expertise of one of the most reputable bulk and freight transport services available.

McNaughts is an Australian owned, multinational business that provides safe, fast and effective transport services. McNaughts manage both small and large bulk freight projects and work in both regional areas and interstate.

Who Needs Bulk Transport Solutions?

Many industries such as construction, infrastructure and mining each need the support of bulk transportation services. These large organisations need essential materials delivered to different sites and at different times.

The transportation of bulk products requires a specific type of tautliner. It’s important you have not only the right mode of transport, but the right service to perform all your transportation needs. McNaughts pride themselves on knowledge and expertise within the field and want to work with you to get the most from your bulk freight requirements.

McNaughts understand the importance of careful planning. With a diverse range of fleets available, the team can effectively identify project needs and coordinate services to provide the best business solutions. McNaughts is reputable and reliable – a family-owned business committed to efficiency and innovation.

McNaught’s Bulk Haulage Solutions

McNaughts have a diverse range of fleet, including trucks that range from singles, b-doubles and road trains with payload capabilities from 25MT to 90MT. Bulk freight transport services operate throughout Victoria and New South Wales regions. McNaughts also offer general transport services; both regionally and interstate.

McNaught’s Interstate Bulk Freight Transport

McNaught tautliners are based in Victoria and Dubbo, Central New South Wales. McNaught also offers bulk transport solutions in regional areas such as Newcastle and Sydney. All services are cost-effective, reliable and fast.

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McNaught has a wide range of services and products available to meet diverse project needs. Why not make contact with a member of the McNaught team today; all inquiries are managed by specialists who remain dedicated and committed to bringing you the very best when it comes to general and bulk freight transport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Various items are suitable for bulk freight transport including fertiliser, grain, cotton seed and gypsum products.

McNaughts provide a regular transit schedule. Services are fast and reliable.

Bulk freight service costs are dependent on bulk freight items, the size of the project and location.

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Bulk Freight Transport

Operating throughout Victoria and New South Wales, we help coordinate and transport bulk freight including grain, fertiliser, cotton seed, meals lime and gypsum products. We have a diverse fleet of trucks ranging from singles, b-doubles and road-trains with payload capabilities from 25MT to 90MT.

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General Transport

Based in Dubbo, Central NSW, McNaughts’ Tautliners provide regular, cost-effective, reliable and fast interstate general freight transport services throughout Eastern Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and other key regional destinations.

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Walking Floor Transport

Our walking floor trailers are used to transport bulk or large quantities of packaged cargo and have a cubic capacity of 90m3 – 160m3. We can efficiently deliver almond hulls, rice hulls, cotton trash, manures, compost, wood shavings and other low density bulk commodities.

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