Cotton Trash

McNaughts competitively sources and delivers agricultural products for all your farming needs.
For accredited producers seeking cotton trash for sale, look no further than McNaughts,

What is Cotton Trash?

Cotton trash is one of the many agricultural products available at McNaughts, and can be used to feed livestock, mulch, or make calf bedding.

McNaughts works closely with approved gins due to strict protocols developed by the industry.

McNaught’s Cotton Trash

Cotton trash is an agricultural product made up of leaves, sticks, soil, lint soil, and cotton seed fragments, all of which have been separated from the cotton during processing.

McNaughts reliably and competitively sources cotton trash, bringing the best agricultural products to all its customers.

Cotton trash is available all year round and can be supplied in bulk quantities to the Southern Riverina and country Victoria.

McNaughts’ Solution With Cotton Trash

McNaughts is a family-owned business and is a leading expert within the Transport and Grain and Fertiliser industry. McNaughts is based in the Finley and Berrigan region of Southern New South Wales and caters for both small and large-scale projects.

McNaughts works closely with all its customers to provide the very best when it comes to their cotton trash compost or feeding cotton trash requirements . McNaughts offers extensive services, including fertiliser and blending services and takes pride in offering fantastic storage options.

Other Agricultural Products For You

McNaughts has a variety of agricultural products on offer, including fertiliser, gypsum for soil, and lime products for farming. Hay, rice hulls and wood shavings are also available.  

All products are competitively sourced and can be supplied in bulk to areas within the Southern Riverina and country Victoria.

 Contact us today and speak to a friendly member of the team who will be able to help determine which product will serve you and your business best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cotton trash protocol, as developed by the industry, means that Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accredited red meat producers can access cotton trash from approved gins.

The protocol guarantees that livestock that have been fed cotton trash continue to meet the Australian Food Standard requirements. Livestock that have been fed cotton trash will not enter the food chain within the 60-day Export Animal Feed Interval.

Cotton trash can only be used under specific conditions as specified within the current industry protocol. The existing protocol provides the parameters around cotton trash and how it can be used for calf bedding.

Using cotton trash for mulch is permitted under the existing cotton trash protocol. Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accredited producers can access cotton trash from an authorised supplying cotton gin for both feed and mulch.