Walking Floor Transport

Walking floor transport is a versatile solution for transporting bulk or large quantities of packaged cargo. McNaughts’ fleet of high-quality walking floor trucks are ready to deliver, and offer the unique advantage of being able to unload cargo where tipper trucks cannot.

Who Needs Walking Floor Transport Solutions?

Many industries use walking floor trailers to haul different types of bulk cargo. Walking floor trucks are the ideal choice for projects that require materials deposited in confined spaces or where overhead hazards impede access.

Due to the unique moving floor system, walking floor trailers work by pushing the cargo out horizontally, eliminating the need for tipping. This means cargo can be transported and deposited wherever the walking floor truck can go – under bridges, beneath overhead powerlines, and into tunnels, for example. Because they don’t tip, and have a low centre of gravity, walking floor trucks have a much lower risk of rolling over. They can safely unload on uneven ground and provide the operator with superior control when unloading cargo, including partial loads.

McNaughts understands the need for safety, flexibility and control. Walking floor transport makes this all possible.

McNaughts Walking Floor Trailer Solutions

McNaughts offers a fleet of state-of-the-art walking floor trailers ready to meet your needs. We have trucks with a payload capacity from 90m3 to 160m3. All trucks meet our stringent quality and maintenance requirements.

No matter what you want to haul, McNaughts can offer a solution. We are highly experienced in hauling various materials, including almond hulls, rice hulls, cotton trash, manures, compost, wood shavings, and other low-density bulk commodities. Our bulk freight transport services are highly sought after for transporting a wide range of agricultural products.

McNaughts have a solid track record of meeting the needs of all types of projects, from large-scale to smaller one-off jobs.

McNaughts Interstate Walking Floor Transport

With offices in Dubbo and the Riverina, our walking floor trailers can haul cargo across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We are a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients with our quality fleet and experienced and reliable drivers.

Talk to our walking floor transport specialists today about your project

Contact one of our experienced staff members to discuss the best solution for your project. As well as walking floor trailers, McNaughts offers services in bulk freight transport, general transport, hay transport, dangerous goods transport and silage and fodder transport. Contact one of our specialists today so we can offer the most effective and efficient solution for your project. We are ready to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Walking floor trailers can haul bulk or large quantities of packaged cargo.

McNaughts have a fleet of walking floor trailers ranging from a payload capacity of 90m3 to 160m3.

Depending on the cargo to be transported, walking floor trailers can be loaded from the top or the side.