Fertiliser Spreading Services

McNaughts is a family-owned and operated business, located in southern New South Wales, transporting bulk freight, livestock, grain and fertiliser. We also specialise in mixing and spreading fertilisers, helping out our friends on the land. Working with you, we can customise a fertiliser blend for different crop types and different environmental conditions.

Our Blending & Spreading Services

McNaughts Fertiliser offers a range of services to suit your cropping and horticultural needs. We can work with your agronomist to deliver the ideal custom blends, adding a variety of nutrients. We currently create blends for different vegetables such as potatoes and also for grain. Other services we can offer include adding chemicals to the fertiliser for treating purposes if required, filling bulk bags and bulk load products where we can supply a loader to the paddock.

At McNaughts Fertiliser we can also apply variable rate which provides targeted application of fertiliser. It allows us to determine what parts of the paddock require more or less fertiliser, which in the end provides a nutrient balance across your field.

We pride ourselves in offering fantastic storage and service, if you have any questions or queries please reach out to our friendly staff to find out more.

Why Choose Our Fertiliser Blending Services?

Our team works with your agronomist to determine what you and
your land need. We won’t provide generic fertiliser that might be
effective. We blend specifically for you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our fertilising machines use cutting-edge technology to target the application of fertiliser. If there is an imbalance of nutrients, we can adjust our fertiliser spreading to make your entire paddock healthy and ideal for growing your crops.

Benefits of McNaughts’ Fertiliser Spreading

The fertiliser spreading services that McNaughts provides include custom mixing your fertiliser and spreading it over your paddocks, chemical additions for treating outbreaks, bulk bag filling and bulk load products for you.

Granular Fertiliser Spreading

Granular fertilisers are a farmer’s best friend! These tiny, nutrient-packed particles offer precise and uniform distribution across vast fields. This accuracy means crops receive consistent nourishment, ensuring robust growth and higher yields. Granules are also easy to handle and store, saving time and effort for hard-working farmers. Plus, they reduce the risk of over-fertilization, making farming more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Bulk Blending Fertiliser

Bulk order sizes with flexible options cater to the diverse needs of farmers, both large and small scale.. This adaptable approach ensures that every farmer, regardless of scale, can access cost-effective solutions while saving valuable time.

Fertiliser Spreading & Areas of Operations

Our fertiliser services operate throughout the NSW Riverina area.

Contact the McNaughts Transport Team for Tailored Fertiliser Blending Solutions

Consider McNaughts’ fertiliser spreading services for your farming needs. Enquiring about our services guarantees precise, efficient, and tailored spreading solutions for your crops. By choosing McNaughts, you’re investing in expertise that maximises your harvest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best-suited fertiliser treatments actually depend on
the type of soil you are growing your crops in. Different
soil types have varying nutrient profiles and structures,
influencing fertiliser choice.

  • Sandy soils, draining quickly, often require water- soluble fertilisers for rapid uptake.
  • Clay soils, retaining moisture, suit slow-release fertilisers to prevent nutrient washout.
  • Loamy soils, well-balanced, are less restrictive but benefit from fertilisers that maintain their optimal nutrient balance.
  • Organic matter-rich soils might only need minimal fertilisation to bolster nutrient levels.

We have different fertilising options to suit these soil types, so you get maximum production from your land.

The choice of fertiliser spreading technique profoundly influences crop yield and soil health. Proper methods ensure even distribution, preventing over-fertilisation or nutrient deficiencies. This precision optimises plant growth, leading to higher yields. Moreover, correct spreading maintains soil health by preventing nutrient
imbalance, promoting microbial activity, and preserving the ecosystem. Careful techniques are key to sustainable farming practices.