Fertiliser Spreading & Blending

A family-owned business, find out more about McNaughts’ Fertiliser Spreading & Blending services.


Our Blending & Spreading Services

McNaughts Fertiliser offers a range of services to suit your cropping and horticultural needs. We can work with your agronomist to deliver the ideal custom blends, adding a variety of nutrients. We currently create blends for different vegetables such as potatoes and also for grain. Other services we can offer include adding chemicals to the fertiliser for treating purposes if required, filling bulk bags and bulk load products where we can supply a loader to the paddock.

At McNaughts Fertiliser we can also apply variable rate which provides targeted application of fertiliser. It allows us to determine what parts of the paddock require more or less fertiliser, which in the end provides a nutrient balance across your field.

We pride ourselves in offering fantastic storage and service, if you have any questions or queries please reach out to our friendly staff to find out more.